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Great to meet you!

My New Friend, have you ever seen an ordinary person get a HUGE Promotion or a Fantastic Job at a Great Company? There’s a solid chance that they’re students or clients of mine. I’m Rob Wild,…Success Consultant, Career Coach, High-Performance Trainer, and Founder of the Secrets to Getting Hired Mastery Course,… and for the last 16 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with valuable members of some of the most influential companies in the country.

During these endeavors, I was not only able to help thousands of people reach high levels of success, but also learn why so many promising employees failed at reaching their goals, and why so many great candidates weren’t ever considered for these incredible jobs! So, I began to focus on the Human Capital part of businesses. After all, how does a company grow without having great employees?…. Right??!

My theory was that if companies hired the right people, and those people continued to grow as professionals, then both the company and the employees would grow together! It’s a Win-Win situation! So, to help resolve the issues, I began creating my own courses designed to help professionals learn how to Become Top “Highly-Desired” Candidates and Land Incredible Job Offers for the jobs that they apply for!




Module 1

Your Perfect Job(s)


Building Your Game Plan to Get What You Want & Need


Writing Your Professional Story


Learning How to Make Your Job Search Easier, Quicker, & Less Stressful


Module 2

Creating a Job Search
& Application Strategy


Tips to Saving Time and Energy on Your Job Search


Secrets to Finding the Best Job Opportunities


Techniques to Getting Your Resume Infront of Hiring Managers & Turning Your Job Applications into More Interviews

Module 3

Creating Powerful Job
Marketing Tools


Secrets to Beating the ATS (Application Tracking System)


Writing a Powerful Resume that Makes You Look Like a RockStar


Creating a Cover Letter that Captivates Hiring Managers

Module 4

Turning Interviews
Into Job Offers


How to Become a Top Candidate for Job Opportunities


Perfecting the Interview Process Like a Pro


Mastering the Art of Getting Job Offers

Module 5

How to Follow-Up
& Negotiate Job Offers


How to Follow-Up With Hiring Managers After Interviews


Secrets to Negotiating Job Offers For Higher Pay & More Benefits


Tips to Starting Your New Job With Confidence

Are You Ready for More Job Offers?….

You’ve never experienced the type of Job Search Success like you will after
completing the “Secrets to Getting Hired” Mastery Course!

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?


You can’t seem to find a job that makes you feel happy, excited, respected, fulfilled…or pays you what you’re worth.


You’re unsure of how to make your resume more attractive, or even how to get it into the hands of the Hiring Managers.


You’re wondering when one of these jobs you’re applying for will finally call you for an interview.


You’re not sure how to ace the interview to launch yourself to the top of the candidate list, and get a job offer.


You’re not confident on how to negotiate job offers to receive higher pay and more benefits.

If you’ve recently experienced any of the above feelings, then this course is exactly what you need!

Students Are Seeing Immediate Results!


“Rob, I want to thank you for the insight that you gave me. I now understand that you must sell to the customer’s needs. Your coaching was an insightful learning experience, and it helped me overcome the tunnel vision I had in my everyday business practices. Nothing speaks sales success like money. Now, I’m reading every morning, and listening to audio programs in my car and at work. Thanks again for being my success coach!”

Jeff L.

“Several months ago, we had a discussion about the ways in which people can increase their productivity.  Little did I know that our talk would have such an impact on my company’s “bottom line.” Within a couple of months, I could see the positive results.  Not only was there increased “team spirit” at meetings, but even our lowest-performing reps began bringing in more sales.  It was plainly visible how contagious the enthusiasm was.  The results of your advice were remarkable.  Thank you for your valuable guidance!” 

Sharon K.

“Rob, thank you so much for your leadership with our young professionals. Your impact has greatly increased the success of smalls businesses in our community.”

Elizabeth W.

“Rob Wild is an amazing business coach! He promised that by applying his advice to my business it would double my profits, and it was more than true! After reviewing my first quarter numbers, my company has already matched my entire last year’s sales numbers! Thank you Rob for coaching me into getting my business on track!”

Shawn R.

“I have been coached by Rob for my business, and at first I was skeptical, but man was I proven wrong! His guidance opened a new door in understanding how I need to operate, set goals and achieve what I want. You should seriously go and learn from this business master!”

Aaron L.

“I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your involvement in our success. Your Leadership workshop worked out better than expected. Our team has been re-engaged and motivated by your ideas. They have all come to me one on one and thanked me for investing in them. The overall process was informative and very valuable. I would strongly recommend your workshops to anyone with growth in mind. I look forward to our next workshop.”

Mike A.

“I would like to thank you for taking the time to share some of your enthusiasm, talent and wisdom with our group. The presentation was excellent and all of us who had the privilege to attend learned something to help us in our journey. Again, thank you for helping our group to grow. I will let you know some tentative dates for the next training, as we discussed. All the Best!”

Tim W.

“What a wonderful educational seminar you delivered today for our team members, and partner businesses! Truly remarkable! I see why you have such a great reputation! Thank you and your team, as you’ve all been outstanding to work with!”

Anne H.

“Rob, your guidance has really helped me grow professionally. I have been able to learn from your involvement with other business owners who were facing similar issues. Your coaching, and courses have allowed me to tackle issues and collectively come up with ideas on how my team can overcome them. Your creative ideas, and informative courses have been truly valuable to my professional growth! Thank you for believing in us!”

Christine B.

This “Secrets to Getting Hired” Mastery Course is Exactly What You Need!

To acquire the Secrets and Strategies found in this Mastery Course a la carte would normally cost you over $2,000!

We usually offer this valuable information through this course for only $497.

However, due to the negative impact that these challenging economic times have had on so many people… We’ve created a “Limited Time Offer” to experience this

“Secrets To Getting Hired Mastery Course”

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Companies want to hire people who stand out from the rest!

So, how do you plan to stand out when you’re doing exactly what everyone
else has already been doing, and failing with?

If you want to stand out, you need to…


Stop copying those who are failing with outdated methods


Build an impressive resume that makes your strengths and experiences stand out.


Add some secret application follow-up methods that will give you the advantage over your competition.


Learn how to have incredible interviews, while avoiding making opportunity killing mistakes


Go job hunting with confidence, hustle, finesse, and most of all…no fear of failure!

In today’s job market, getting your dream job isn’t easy. It’s actually quite hard!

Millions of people try it every day and fail!
In fact, a recent study shows that only 1 in 12 applicants are even considered for an interview. That’s Less Than 10%!

Yet, even with this tough job market, some people are still getting stellar jobs with incredible companies!

How?…the answer is simple:


Find the jobs which will satisfy what you want, and need.


Write a powerful resume that phenomenally stands out.


Have an application process that gets your resume in front of hiring managers.


Captivate & Intrigue those hiring managers enough to request interviews with you.


Perform masterful interviews that inspire interviewers to make you immediate job offers.


Negotiate the job offers to receive the highest compensation package available.

Sound easy enough?… Although extremely difficult to complete these 6 steps on your own,…my “Secrets to Getting Hired – Mastery Course” is a step-by-step guide to perfecting the art of getting more interviews and job offers! Once you’ve mastered the Tips and Secrets shared in this course, getting great job offers will be easier than ever before!



Make your resume attractive and desirable


Apply to jobs with a strategy that actually gets your resume into the hands of hiring managers


Impress Hiring Managers so much that they’ll want to immediately invite you to an interview


Master the interview, and convert it into an immediate job offer


Negotiate the job offer to get the compensation and benefits that you want, need, and deserve


Avoid ever having to go through your current (unnecessary) struggle again

The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting a job that satisfies your desires without unnecessary stress can also be real!

It’s 100% up to you!

Just ask yourself, “Is doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling my interviews and job offers worth $199?”. …That’s it. Only $199!
Every week that you go without your dream job is another week that costs you at least that much.

“Secrets to Getting Hired” Mastery Course

Learn How to Land Your Dream Job!


With Downloadable Easy-To-Use Worksheets, and Step-By-Step Videos

Designed to Help Guide You Through:


Creating Your Job Search Materials (Resume, Cover Letter, Etc.), Guaranteed to Get You More Interviews!


Landing & Mastering More Interviews!


Turning Interviews Into Job Offers!


Negotiating Your Job Offers For Higher Compensation & More Benefits!


Landing The Job You Desire!


And So Much More!…

This is the Only Course You Need to Get a Great Job!!

Feeling unsure about making the investment in the

Secrets to Getting Hired Mastery Course?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re not alone!…

Many who were in your exact position, who have yet to complete our course, have felt the same way!


Disappointed with the opportunities you’ve found listed on some websites


Sending out your resume that you know needs some professional tweaking


Hoping that your resume jumps (over 1000’s of resumes) to the top of the resume stack, but you don’t ever hear back from anyone about the job


Crossing your fingers and waiting for a Hiring Manager to call you for an interview, but the call never comes


Planning on receiving a job offer after completing a “decent/good” interview, but instead find out that they went with another candidate for the job

Any of these sound familiar?

They should, because most people prior to completing our
“Secrets To Getting Hired – Mastery Course” can relate to these job-search stresses.

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Most people experience the benefits and highly value the information they’ve learned from our products. However, if you’re one of the few who feel that our digital products didn’t give you the knowledge to help you achieve higher levels of success, that’s okay.

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So, I Only Have One Question For You…

ARE YOU READY?!… Here’s your opportunity!

However, before we get started…I do ask for 2 things from ALL of my students, and I’m going to ask for the same from you…


Be willing to work hard for what you want.


Have an open mind to learn and try new things.

If you can make me these promises…then you’re ready. So, Let’s Get Started!